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Alfa Romeo Certified

Choose your body style 

Body styles vary dramatically, and while all of ALFA ROMEO’s pre-owned models offer class-leading versatility, buyers should make their choice based on the amount of space they need and how they plan to use the car. Here are the three choices, along with their respective strengths.  

  • Saloon: Spacious, sleek, and refined, saloons are perfect for short- or long-distance travel in comfort and style.  

  • SUV: Family-friendly and versatile, SUVs are now the most popular type of car on sale. Buyers love the elevated driving position, and their flexibility means they’re just as adept on long journeys as they are in the city.  

  • Hatchback: Ideal for urban environments, superminis represent the most affordable entry point to a sporty premium brand.  

Engine options 

Petrol or diesel? ALFA ROMEO CERTIFIED offers a wide range of pre-owned cars with both types of engine, and it’s best to pick one based on the type driving you do most frequently.  

  • Petrol: best suits drivers covering low-to-medium mileages, often in urban environments, with a moderate amount of motorway driving.    

  • Diesel: the best option for high-mileage drivers, who spend a lot of time on the motorway, where it is typically more efficient than an equivalent petrol engine.  


Keen drivers favour manual gearboxes because of their more engaging experience, which clearly suits ALFA ROMEO’s sporty models. However, automatic transmissions have become increasingly popular, as drivers gravitate towards their ease of use and the more relaxing experience they offer behind the wheel, especially for town and city driving.  

Certain ALFA ROMEO models, such as the STELVIO SUV, are also available with a choice of two- or Q4 four-wheel drive. The former is lighter, and renders the car more agile and fuel efficient, while the latter offers a greater level of traction in slippery conditions or on difficult terrain.  

Set a budget 

ALFA ROMEO CERTIFIED offers a wide selection of quality pre-owned cars at different budgets, so there’s something for everyone:  

  • Up to £15,000: at this price, buyers have the choice of the elegant GIULIETTA hatchback, or the sleek and nimble MITO supermini.   

  • Up to £30,000: The majority of the range is accessible at this budget, including the iconic GIULIA executive saloon and the sporty STELVIO SUV. Newer and lower mileage models are also available at this price point. 

Choose your model 

The ALFA ROMEO CERTIFIED network offers a wide selection of pre-owned models, including:  

  • The ALFA ROMEO GIULIA, which exudes the group’s sporty DNA with its elegant lines. It is also an exceptionally comfortable and well-equipped executive saloon.  

  • The ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA family hatchback – As at home in the city as it is in on a winding road.  

  • The ALFA ROMEO STELVIO, a luxury SUV with an impeccable blend of comfort, safety, and style.  

  • The ALFA ROMEO MITO – a supermini that embodies Italian elegance and performance.  

Used car buyers hungry for even more of Alfa Romeo’s trademark flair should seek out the high-performance QUADRIFOGLIO editions of the ALFA ROMEO GIULIA and the ALFA ROMEO STELVIO. Each model is fitted with an outstanding 2.9-litre 510hp Bi-Turbo V6 petrol engine, widely hailed as one of the most thrilling powerplants of its time.  

Finance options 

Used car buyers have numerous different finance options at their disposal, including the following:  

  • Personal contract purchase (PCP)  

  • Personal contract hire (PCH) 

  • Hire purchase (HP) 

  • External funding, such as cash, credit card or a bank loan 

ALFA ROMEO CERTIFIED’s network specialists can provide used car buyers with tailor-made finance packages. We also accept trade-ins of customers’ existing vehicles. 

Why buy a pre-owned car from ALFA ROMEO CERTIFIED? 

ALFA ROMEO CERTIFIED offers a comprehensive package to give customers the ease and peace of mind they need when buying a used car.  Each pre-owned model is reconditioned to the highest standards, subject to a multi-point inspection, and benefits from warranties spanning 12 to 24 months.  

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